Argentina pays tribute to its wines through "Fiesta de la Vendimia", the most important wine festival in the world, held in Mendoza every year. As part of this, each of Mendoza's 18 departments generate their own 90min open-air musical, setting up large stages where hundreds of dancers, musicians and actors take part to amaze the audience.
I had the great honor to participate designing the digital scenography in two opportunities: Luján 2018 and Godoy Cruz 2020.
Godoy Cruz 2020
Espíritus de Vendimia
With an Impressive stage, of nearly 40 meters of mouth and LED screens that covered almost every surface, my team created the scenery that gave life and context to the musical’s story, generating animated visual content in coordination with actors and dancers.
To create this show, featuring dynamic video content and unique audiovisual surprises, which included illusions and special effects; we started by designing the screen layout and then created the content with explosive and powerful images and sequences.
Chroma key content was pre-produced and then combined with 2D animations and scenography compositions. In total, we produced 90 minutes of visual content in complete synergy and coordination with each of the musical's acts for an impactful experience.
my Tech role >
Screen Composition Designer
Play Out Director

my Art role >

Creative Director
Visual Scripting
Visual Content producer
Challenge unlocked
Worked with Chroma Key produced content
Visual Script, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Audiovisual Art Production & Screen Design by Dajer, Federici and Posada (Motia Studio).
Alicia Casares Main Play Direction. Nuria Atencio Main Producer. Sylvina Balmaceda Script. Gabriela Bizón Stage Design. Romina Moyano Mayor props. Gushi Films Chroma key video production. Emilia Módolo - Lali Rizza - Laura Martinez Content production interns.
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