This research project is an immersive interactive installation about the art of experiencing nature's cycles. Ciclicxs offers its visitors the chance to design their own cycle, and step into an illusion of their emotions.
The experience is composed of two key moments: 
PHASE 1 > Using a tablet, visitors design their own cycle by choosing the emotions combo that represents them the most.  
OSC data is processed in TouchDesigner to modify the visual and sound attributes of the installation such as texture, brightness, morphology, speed, etc.
PHASE 2 > Visitors enter a room where the resulting artwork of their cycle settings becomes a film and a unique immersive experience.
Ciclicxs allows its visitors to envision an art materialization of a cycle's emotions and feelings that otherwise could not be seen.
The experience invites visitors to explore emotional transformations throughout their own cycle. The installation allows the public to be a fundamental part of the narrative of the work, enabling them to get to know themselves, other bodies and to foster understanding.
The installation has also been realised in a different format, where the individual viewer experiences the cycle and its transformations through headphones and screens.
Idea, Production, Art Direction, Technical Direction and AV Production by Daher, Federici & Posada (Motia Studio).
Sounds Production by Daniel Martin
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