Helping Santa Claus light up his electric sleigh was the premise that Be charge + Plenitud had for their Christmas campaign in 2022. To achieve this, we created Santa's garage located in the Navigli area of Milan, where the children drew a lightning bolt and transferred its charge to the sled.
Using a combination of TouchDesigner, pixel controllers, and microcontrollers, children would press a button to scan their drawing, which would then be digitized and displayed on a screen as a vibrant, 3D lightning bolt filled with energy, complete with animations and special effects.
From the screen, the lightning bolt would continue its journey through a tube made of pixel LEDs, directing its energy towards the sleigh. This energy would travel through the tube as light, illuminating the sleigh and "recharging it with energy."

my Tech role >
System Design and technical layout
Interaction development and prototyping
Final set up assembly

my Art role >
Generative and interactive video content creation
Challenge unlocked
Integration of three different control systems in a single installation guaranteeing a smooth flow of data between them
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Creative Tech, UX design, Video content creation by Cabinaa Studio
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