When considering human beings as an integral part of nature, a new question arises regarding the dematerialization of the body and the possibility of our return to the origins — powered by Cabinaa
Using computer vision, and point clouds, we enable self-reflection in a mirror that showcases how our body transforms into a plant. As we venture towards a threshold, the gradual dematerialization of our being unfolds, granting us a glimpse into the ethereal realm of existence.
The idea is to see us reflected in a big mirror (screen) as if we where part of nature. The set-up was composed by a led wall, a kinect cam to capture the people and define the distances. The the particles system and the glsl textures where developed with Touchdesigner.
my Tech role >
System Design and technical layout
Interaction and computer vision development

my Art role >
Generative and interactive video content creation
Challenge unlocked
Use GLSL textures
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