To celebrate its youngest consumers, the global sparkling wine brand Chandon created "Chandon Wonderland". For 3 consecutive years, I took part in creating its immersive shows with 360° multimedia landscapes that set the scene at the venues.
This multi-sensory party experience that transported the audience through a variety of breathtaking adventures and atmospheres, were developed by fusing 360° projection mapping, interactive visuals and lighting; and were showcased in different locations from Argentina.
This singular venues (an underground parking, a former shipyard, etc.) transformed into imaginary worlds allowed guests to immerse in diverse realms (an underwater world, a magical jungle & an avatar world), provoking a collective sense of wonder fully shareable on social media.
my Tech role >
Technical Direction
Play Out Direction
Venue specific: Special FXs + Mapping Layout & Projection Grid Design.

my Art role > 
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Visual content production
Challenge unlocked
Remote layout and projection grid working
Visual Script, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Audiovisual Art Production & Play out Direction by Daher, Federici & Posada (Motia Studio).
Special thanks to Unlock Entertainment for it's General Production and to our production interns Laura Martinez, Emilia Módolo & Lali Rizza.
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