For it's 2020’s holiday season, Palmares Open Mall (the biggest shopping from Mendoza, Argentina) dared to go beyond traditional decoration and hired me and my team to design a new type of themed entertainment experience that evoked Christmas magic.
The mall's architecture successfully became a playful exploration of art & new technologies by dint of a 150m2 immersive multimedia world that bursted into action through interactive installations, full of lights & glitter, where visitors could express their Christmas wishes.
Visitor’s engagement was encouraged with 3 interactive and intuitive installations created with TouchDesigner: an LED strip wall, a luminous Christmas tree and an interactive LED screen; all of them complemented by corporeal installations and reflective surfaces.
The Christmas tree reacted to sound lighting up every time a visitor made a wish through a microphone, controlling the lightscape.
The reactive lights wall responded to body movements making it possible to modify a lively and luminous environment.
The LED screen allowed magical phrases to be unveiled with the movement of the hand, controlling the playful landscape.
my Tech role >
Technical Director 
Blueprints creation
Industrial Design of corporeal installations

my Art role 
Creative Director
New media content creator
Challenge unlocked
Firs time working with Touchdesigner and designing a long-term installation
Over the course of 3 months, thousands of visitors engaged in this Shiny Christmas. To accomplish this installations it was vital to work closely with Palmares Open Mall Marketing team, streamlining the production and synching our expertise and creative resources with their brand vision, making the venue magical for all audiences.
Idea, Production, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Audiovisual Art Production, Technical Design by Daher, Federici, Posada (Motia Studio). 
Project collaborators: Paula Brandi Executive producer. Luciano Toledo Developer. Elias, Jonathan, Gastón, Diego & Fernando Electrical set up, mounting and assembly. Gabriel D’Angelo Registro.
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