An interactive fitting room was conceived to be part of this exclusive event where the customer found himself physically immersed within the narrative of FENDI’s imagery and values and became an inherent part of the brand’s daring creativity and exceptional story.
Tour: Taipei - Bangkok - Tokyo - Shangai
The approach to design and develop this interaction was focused on imagining 6 audiovisual worlds triggered by different pieces of the new Fendi collection. Combining scenic materials, technological interactions and audiovisual content, the goal was to create a captivating perceptual experience that would transport participants into the enchanting Fendi universe.
To achieve this, we created a real-time reading system that enabled the installation to identify the specific piece of the collection worn by each person entering the booth. Subsequently, and depending on the Fendi garment they were wearing, the video and audio activation system triggered one of the six unique worlds designed to immerse visitors in the experience.
↓ my Tech role
Technical manager
Technology coordinator
Challenge unlocked
Work on a multi-city installation, doing a specific technical masterplan according to each city laws, customs and import regulations.
 Art Direction, Creative Direction, Creative Tech, UX design, Video content creation by Cabinaa Studio
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