A themed setting that featured an interactive installation unfolded at Arco della Pace to celebrate the presentation of Barrow’s new collection at the Milano Fashion Week.​​​​​​​
The interactive installation breathed life into the brand’s cherished mascot. It was programmed to engage with the event’s guests in real time by following their movements and surprising them with some fun and playful gestures that emphasised the brand's commitment to fostering joy.
As the room was crowded, computer vision was the main method used so the system could detect the nearest person by and choose him as a player. A kinect cam was used to guarantee the CV method, and Touchdesigner to develop the interaction and generate the 3d interactive visual content.
my Tech role >
System Design and technical layout
Interaction and computer vision development
Set up assembly and calibration on site

my Art role >
Generative and interactive video content creation
 Art Direction, Creative Direction, Creative Tech, UX design, Video content creation by Cabinaa Studio
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