"Break the Loop" a Projection Mapping that took over the facade of Edificio Gomez, was live-showcased on June 5 (World Environment Day) and was conceived as a gift to light up the spark of hope for Mendoza’s citizens by the end of the pandemic's isolation.
This public intervention is a demonstration of how technology, AV content and Creative Direction can reinforce one another to attain an impressive show that delivers a powerful message. This mapping was not just conceived as something nice to watch, but as an artwork that aimed to represent the importance of harmony and human cooperation.
Using light, sound, special effects and 3D animated content, the former script emerged as a 200 m² projected show, backed up by a team of more than 20 professionals and EPSON®’s support. I believe good results were mainly obtained thanks to the simultaneous and synched work between Play Out Design and content production.
my Tech role >
Technical Director
Play Out Director
3D FX Designer
Layout Designer

my Art role 
Idea and Script 
Challenges unlocked
- Produced the entire project during the most strict phase of lockdown, having to try grids, layout and special FXs on a 70cm tall wooden box that simulated the real building.
- Show designed specifically to be filmed, instead of making it for on-site spectators.
Idea, Production, Script, Art Direction, Technical Direction and AV Production by Daher, Federici & Posada (Motia Studio). I would like to thank all of this project’s team-mates and EPSON for providing their support with Pro L1505U projectors.
Collaborators, this would not be possible without your support:
motia studio Idea, Production, Script, Art Direction & AV Art Production. mEKA Main and technical producer. Daniel Martín Music producer. Claudio Brachetta Art & script producer.
Paula Brandi Executive and script producer. Ariel Rojas Main producer. Emilia Módolo Communication Planning. FilmAndes Audiovisual coverage. Federica Rissopatrón Graphic Design. 
Paola Sparta Press. Leo Federici poetry. Laura Oviedo AV artist.
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