After having collaborated with Natalie Perez’s team in previous live shows, in 2020 I joined the team to capture the singer's singular essence and showcase it throughout the 1st post-COVID live tour in support of Detox, her latest single release.
The art direction and design approach was focused on accomplishing a unified visual style whilst working on each of the 13 songs as a unique piece that remained consistent to the show’s global look & feel, connecting audiences to the performer’s identity.
By merging creative and technical elements (2D animation of digital collage and 3D animation) I accomplished a visual experience that connected fans directly to the artist and her music, turning every tour stop into a memorable show.
my Art role >
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Video content production

my Tech role >
Play Out Direction
Challenge Unlocked
Produced this show in 10 days, effectively managed and organized the time allotted for: Creative Direction, content creation and Play Out Design for each of the tour’s shows.
I’d like to thank all of this project’s team-mates:
Denise Kemelmajer Manager, Florencia Doni Producer, Mauricio Wienhausen Stage Manager, Diego Gringas Technical Manager & Lucas Gringas Lighting.
It was great working with you all!
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